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Paradise is a self-mastery guide
and channel.

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Paradise has an advanced ability to tune into the deeper layers of the subconscious and pain bodies of the human conditioning and bridge people to connect through their higher self, the soul that they are, soul and life purpose, and ultimately their greatest expression of self. Transformation, evolution, self-mastery, and growth are continual processes and while it is deep work, it doesn't need to feel so heavy. Paradise has a unique personality and infectious laughter that will help you to enjoy the ride of this human experience.

Paradise’s mastery comes from more than 20 years of meditation practice (including several years meditating an average of 8-10 hours a day) and extended years in retreat, deeply devoted to her inner-evolution, transformation, awareness and expansion beyond the human conditioning. 

Through her passion and commitment to the inner work, she has become very intimate with the nature of shadow work, inner-child healing, shifting relationships that are not in greatest service to our highest selves, and how to communicate through challenges with an open heart.  She has an expansive knowledge base of breathwork, meditations, tools, and practices to help people connect with the presence of love within and the wholeness of the soul they already are. Paradise receives and channels the assistance of any and all benevolent collectives (mainly the 12th Dimensional Council of Light, the Galactic Council and the Akashic Collective) who are here to assist and guide humanity through the present and intense transformation being experienced on an individual level, human collective, plant and animal collectives as we are all a part of Mother Earth.


She integrates the practices of vipassana, kundalini kriyas, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s quantum meditations, energy work, somatic healing, inner child healing, C-PTSD trauma work, attachment theory, and multidimensional channeling into her services. Her greatest joy is empowering people to shine as their authentic selves and realize their power to create their most fulfilling lives. 

Between 2016 and 2020, Paradise experienced two major kundalini awakenings and a sequence of upgrades when multi-collectives worked on Paradise to assist her release the density in her physical body, which amplified all her "claires" and ability to channel to intense and lightning speeds. On 11/11 of 2021 she learned about a large brain tumor and had brain surgery on 11/19. She says it is the greatest gift and greatest upgrade of her lifetime. As of March 10, 2022, Paradise is revving up into full gear as she launches Q&A with Paradise, writes/channels a series of books, launches a podcast and videos on youtube.  Her desire is to share and create community with all of Paradise on earth. 


Paradise has always led a path of service; from U.S. Air Force officer reserve to a counselor for youth, director for non-profits, fitness coach, business consultant for conscious companies, and serial entrepreneur. 

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